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AJ At Work

Experimentation has been key to AJ's art – stiffening fabrics, different methods of fixing, spray painting etc.AJ is respectful of the material properties so tries to use the materials she collects as they occur naturally. The pieces illustrate a story, an emotion, a celebration, an event. She has spent years learning what works in the creation of these very individual forms of art.

Key to the images are the objects. AJ feels that authenticity is pivotal to the success of each frame. Sometimes she starts with a theme in mind and knows what objects she needs to make it work. Sometimes a handful of miscellaneous objects will demand their own theme. Once AJ has chosen a theme she collects and creates around it. Always referring to her own feelings, her memories and the common experiences we all have of life events, she lets the piece grow naturally as it needs to.

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    AJ Art Ltd is registered in England & Wales, company No. 08162990
    Reg Office:
    Grosvenor House, 1 New Road, Brixham, Devon TQ5 8LZ



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