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Accoutre Art

The Art has taken AJ down some very different routes with her pieces, as after her non moving accoutre art was revealed, she was invited to create a moving piece of accoutre art, that was showcased at a large local event. Since then AJ has created 4  moving accoutre pieces to add to the collection, all very diverse and portraying such assorted emotions.

                              The English Vintage Rose Tea Party                                         


The WW2 Story


Inspired by my father who served in the first and second world wars. He survived both and received many medals which feature on this piece. The WW2 Story is to commemorate all those that served and gave their lives to protect us then, and those continuing to serve in our forces now






The Ginchy 50's


Oh So Agatha

We were asked to create an AJ Art Show for the Agatha Christie convention in Torquay.

This was a very fun and interesting event as we portrayed Agatha's life through our interpretation of music and fashion. The Show was opened with Accoture Agatha AJ's first piece based on  a real life person created in her own unique style as you can see here pictured.




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