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AJ's Magical Memory Creations are at once pieces of Art and Theatre.

These creations are conceived from an inspired life full of rich experiences and conjured from an attic full of odd objects, fabrics and curios, collected over many years. From tiny models, baubles and beads to life-size mannequins, they have been donated by friends and family, discovered in antique shops, rescued from refuse and hunted down in car boot sales. Each piece is complex, detailed and the result of many months of concentrated effort.

I have an eye that’s drawn towards beauty and a wicked sense of drama and humour. I love to weave magic and transform the ordinary into extraordinary evocative pieces that lock a memory in place. – AJ

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    AJ Art Ltd is registered in England & Wales, company No. 08162990
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    Grosvenor House, 1 New Road, Brixham, Devon TQ5 8LZ



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